Monday, May 11
A temporary tax increase that is paid disproportionately by non-commercial consumers will become permanent if business owners don't act now. GSSCC urges members to contact Montgomery County Councilmembers now and ask them to support a resolution to amend (and reduce) the FY16 Fuel/Energy Tax. Click here for phone and email contact information. 
How much does that  tax cost you?  If you pay your utilities directly, just check out your latest bill. The Montgomery County Energy Tax for non-residential customers is listed within the distribution charges section of the bill, even though it is calculated based on consumption. In one sample, the Montgomery County Energy Tax was 44% of the total electric delivery charge, almost equal to the actual cost of distribution. How does your bill compare? If your utilities are rolled into your rent, chances are the increased energy tax puts upward pressure on rent increases.
Councilmembers Nancy Floreen, Roger Berliner, and Sidney Katz have introduced a resolution to reduce the tax by 10% this year. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of your chamber and other business groups, their resolution DID NOT PASS out of committee.  But we're not giving up. In a joint letter, we have asked the full Council to reconsider. And, we need your help. The other Councilmembers have said they will not support reducing the tax because they don't hear any objection from business people. Learn what they said by watching this video of the work session last week. And take a moment today to contact them.